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<!--2013050750-->Primitive x Van Styles x Valeria Orsini - 'Valeria' [(White) T-Shirt]

Primitive x Van Styles x Valeria Orsini




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In the past year, I have followed my heart and passion of what I love in life, which is photography. It has taken me a lot of places, and introduced me to many people, but nothing can make a project more meaningful than to work with friends you've known for over 20 years. It is an amazing thing to see this relationship come full circle. As teenagers we enjoyed skateboarding all over L.A. and many a house party filled with red cups. At a certain point, we all had to go down our own paths. To end up together on a collaborative project is proof that life is what you make it. When I was approached by Primitive for a project based in Miami, I was with it. Aside from the location and the models, it was about a common understanding. They appreciated my creative direction, and I appreciated what they were looking to accomplish. Miami is known for being a high fashion city, with elaborate photo shoots consisting of more crew and equipment than what is actually needed at times. Our goal was to use my minimalistic approach to photography with Primitive's L.A. influence to capture the city and these beauties in a different light. I believe we achieved that with this capsule collection, which turned out better than we possibly could have imagined. To have a concept like this exist as a thought, and then watch it turn into tangible products, is a testament to our collective hard work and creativity. I'm very proud to have done this with such a good crew, and I'm even more proud to call them all my friends. To go from kids goofing off in high school, to adults following our dreams, is an awesome thing to witness and be a part of. With that I say thank you to Primitive, and everyone who has supported me in any way. This is proof that you should never give up on your dreams and ambitions.

Stay true.

- Van Styles

- 100% Cotton.