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Prince Paul - 'Inside Your Mind/ Live @ 5/ The Boston Top' [(Colored) 12" Vinyl Single]

Prince Paul

Inside Your Mind/ Live @ 5/ The Boston Top

Colored Vinyl

12" Vinyl Single Record

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Product Details
Other than the dopeness of this record being on clear vinyl, the music is pretty dope as well. The tittle track "Inside Your Mind" is somewhat of a change from the normal Prince Paul flavor, it features the former horror movie make-up artist and dark rapping Brooklyn based Mr. Dead & the ever-comedic Brown graduate MC Paul Barman on this off-tilt collaboration. A special gift from the Prince is the B-side "The Boston Top", also featuring Mr. Dead throws a lil' dancehall flavor in the mix with Newkirkules (Smokin Heads).The B-side wins!.
- Paul Maul
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