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<!--020060808007761-->Prince Po - 'Prettyblack' [CD]
<!--020060808007761-->Prince Po - 'Prettyblack' [CD]
<!--020060808007761-->Prince Po - 'Prettyblack' [CD]
<!--020060808007761-->Prince Po - 'Prettyblack' [CD]

Prince Po




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"Prettyblack" is a journey into a new land that takes Hip Hop to it's raw essence of beats and rhymes. A place where souls of all walks of life are touched and stereotypes are broken and the true meaning of "black" is reintroduced to our advanced but shallow society. We wear black as a negative outfit, example: Black Monday (stock market crash), black plague (diseases inflicted upon many) and wearing black to funerals. The record "Prettyblack" is restoring beauty to the word and the color with soulful simplified concepts, basic funky rhymestyles and the pure riding fun that the Hip Hop game lacks today.
This sophomore effort from the legendary Prince Po (Organized Konfusion) has production from Large Professor, Rockwilder, Madlib and Po himself, that truly defines good music and it reminds you of how dope Po can be on the beats. This album might go over listeners heads especially if they're looking for that intricate pro political controversial Organized Konfusion perspective. Po's concepts and styles definitely fits today's game yet with substance that will appeal to those still coming up who seem to yearn something new and more meaningful. "Prettyblack" is a unky, colorblind, hooptie to Benz experience. It definitely let's you know he has more goodies for true Hip Hop heads and that Nasty Habits Entertainment will be with us for many of Saturday afternoon cruises to come... Holla Black!
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