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<!--020080708013885-->Prodigy - 'H.N.I.C. Pt. 2: The Video Collection' [DVD]
<!--020080708013885-->Prodigy - 'H.N.I.C. Pt. 2: The Video Collection' [DVD]
<!--020080708013885-->Prodigy - 'H.N.I.C. Pt. 2: The Video Collection' [DVD]
<!--020080708013885-->Prodigy - 'H.N.I.C. Pt. 2: The Video Collection' [DVD]


H.N.I.C. Pt. 2: The Video Collection


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  • Jul 08, 2008
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On June 17th, Voxonic Music in association with AAO/Reality will release a DVD companion to Prodigy's newalbum entitled H.N.I.C. PT. 2: THE VIDEO COLLECTION. Prodigy devoted the last two months to filming music videos for every song on the album; filming his every moment for the DVD which features a collection of never-before-seen videos and exclusives for new songs like "The Dough," "Get Trapped," "Represent Me," and "When I See You" featuring Cormega (songs which were not included on the original album version). Also featured is the video for "Dirty New Yorker," featuring Havoc from the Grand Theft Auto IV and the original audio version of the song before it was adapted for Grand Theft Auto IV.
Dan The Man (50 Cent "The Massacre DVD," Prodigy "Return Of The Mack) who filmed and produced the videos for H.N.I.C. Pt. 2's "The Life," "Power Is People," "ABC," and "Sleep When I'm Dead," explains that the video collection enables people to experience the music visually beyond the audio version. "Prodigy has always been ahead of other hip-hop artists when it comes to using technology and he wanted a visual way to connect with his fans directly." He adds,"P was working really hard before he went in, so it was really imperative for us to get as much done as possible because of our time constraints. For 'The Life,' we used a really different technology. We shot most of the video on green screen and then superimposed his image on a series of photographs taken around the city. If you look at the video for 'The Life,' you'll see Prodigy over what looks like frozen moments in time. In the 'ABC' video co-starring actor, Peter Greene, as the cop (The Mask & Pulp Fiction), we utilized cutting edge night vision technology which enables you to shoot in complete darkness. The 'Power Is People' video has an art imitates life quality about it because the video was filmed in Queens Correctional Facility. At times it was surreal looking through the lens and seeing P walking alone through the halls of the facility knowing that he would soon find himself in one."
Jordan Tower who produced the majority of the H.N.I.C. Pt. 2 video including "Dirty New Yorker," "Get Trapped," "I Want Out," "When I See You," "Young Veterans," "Veteran's Memorial" "Clik Clak," "Field Marshal P," "Go," and more says Prodigy called him the day after he was sentenced originally to film his life as a reality show concept and the experience between the two creative minds led to a series of videos that were filmed in the most unique circumstances. Jordan shares, "I basically lived with P for two weeks and we filmed 24 hours around the clock. He was completely focused and every now then he'd go into a zone, like he was a man running out of time. He knew that he wouldn't be around to promote the album, so he wanted to give his fans some visuals before he left. I was really impressed with his work ethic. If he wasn't shooting a video, he was doing interviews. We filmed an extra 10 videos that the label will have available to service over time. The production and concept of the videos was a joint effort; there was nothing really scripted. We used our resources. Like in 'Get Trapped,' there was short dialogue that turns into a mini-movie. P has created his own independent full-feature films before so it's nothing for him to venture from music video concepts to actually filming, acting, and creating a story line. A lot of our filming was organic. For 'Dough,' we just happened to be going to a friend's mansion, we invited people over and it turned into a barbecue scene; next thing you know Arie Deutsch came over and he had a hook-up with a private jet, so we ended up filming from the sky. For 'Veteran's Memorial' which pays tribute to people P has lost in his life, we happened to be driving past a graveyard so we hopped out and filmed there. Whatever we couldn't get done is still possible because we also filmed videos in front of white, black, and green screen so that different backgrounds can be added for the future if needed. We used our resources and adapted everything flipping the script depending on what was happening around us. He'd bring a change of clothes with him just so he could film more than one video a day. It was crazy seeing P change clothes, flip personas from video to video. At some point, we ran out of clothes filming. He was pretty intent on leaving us enough to work with because he knew his time was limited."
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