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<!--020060718007340-->Psalm One - 'The Death Of Frequent Flyer' [CD]
<!--020060718007340-->Psalm One - 'The Death Of Frequent Flyer' [CD]
<!--020060718007340-->Psalm One - 'The Death Of Frequent Flyer' [CD]
<!--020060718007340-->Psalm One - 'The Death Of Frequent Flyer' [CD]

Psalm One

The Death Of Frequent Flyer



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Independent Chicago hip hop has a lot to offer these days, and stepping to the forefront is Psalm One with her first Rhymesayers release, The Death of Frequent Flyer. Brimming with mad personality, Psalm battles her alter egos Kizzy and Crystal over bluesy, soulful beats provided by Overflo, Ant (Atmosphere), Maker, and more. While many female emcees fall into stereotypes of sexy or thug, Psalm breaks the mold with creative, introspective, and humorous rhymes that ensure that shell be judged as a truly ill emcee, gender nonwithstanding. Brother Ali and Thaione Davis drop some tight guest appearences, but this is all about Psalm, a unique voice who keeps it real, refreshing the overly macho world of underground hip hop with a long overdue feminine voice. Standout tracks include Peanuts, The Living, Thye Nine, and Macaroni and Cheese. Be sure to check out Psalms Birthwrite release BioChemistry II if you like how she's spittin' on The Death of Frequent Flyer.
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