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Pseudo Slang - 'We'll Keep Looking' [CD]
Pseudo Slang - 'We'll Keep Looking' [CD]
Pseudo Slang - 'We'll Keep Looking' [CD]
Pseudo Slang - 'We'll Keep Looking' [CD]

Pseudo Slang

We'll Keep Looking


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Pseudo Slang is Emcee Sick and producer Tone Atlas. Hailing from Buffalo, New York, the duo has been closely followed for more than a decade garnering international praise for creating music that steps outside contemporary rap standards by implementing jazzy melodies and dirty funk breaks.

In 2004, Pseudo Slang self-released Catalogue, which serves as a compilation of tracks recorded between 1999-2004. Shortly following the release of Catalogue, the interest in PS grew very quickly, and after talking with many labels, the duo in August 2005 signed with Fat Beats Records based out of Brooklyn, New York.

2006 saw the release of Pseudo Slang's critically acclaimed Broke & Copasetic featuring songstress Vinia Mojica. This track started a buzz around the globe leading to domestic and international tours with the likes of Jeru the Damaja, Tanya Morgan, and Masspyke. PS quickly followed up with the aptly titled Thank God Its Not Another Mixtape to hold fans over until the release of their proper-debut album.

In early 2009, Fat Beats Records will release We'll Keep Looking. The album demonstrates the groups growth throughout the last 10 years, while maintaining their trademark jazz influenced hip-hop weaving rust belt, blue-collar imagery over bop and soul-inspired music. Pseudo Slang continues to tour extensively in the states and abroad. Their classic hip-hop overtones set PS's distinct sound drastically apart from the monotonous uninspired landscape of current hip-pop."
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