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Psycho Les - 'Psycho Therapy: The Soundtrack' [CD]

Psycho Les

Psycho Therapy: The Soundtrack


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Psycho Les is best known to the rest of the Hip Hop World as one half of the legendary Beatnuts. On February 13th, Les offers listeners his first solo album called "Psycho Therapy", consisting of 18 tracks with Les on the microphone as well as the boards. Expect nothing but quality beats and rhymes as every track has that Beatnuts' sound to it with features from the one and only DJ Honda, Triple Seis, and Black Attack. Production on "Psycho Therapy" has all the elements that were involved with previous Beatnuts albums, including crazy samples, ear friendly horns, and drums to make any avid drummer go "whoa". Reggaeton fans will also be pleased as Big Psyche puts together a track with a Reggaeton/Hip Hop feel while rhyming in Spanish. Bottom line, "Psycho Therapy" is a must have for listeners that have been down since the "Intoxicated Demons" days, and for the rest, please pay close attention and pay homage to an MC/Producer that has been holding down Hip Hop since the late 80s.
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