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Qwel & Jackson Jones - 'Jump The Gun' [CD]
Qwel & Jackson Jones - 'Jump The Gun' [CD]
Qwel & Jackson Jones - 'Jump The Gun' [CD]
Qwel & Jackson Jones - 'Jump The Gun' [CD]

Qwel & Jackson Jones

Jump The Gun


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"Jump The Gun", the brand new full length limited edition album from Qwel & Jackson Jones. Produced, recorded, directed & mixed over 2 furious weeks in March 2009 by Dallas Jackson of Jackson Jones, this is high powered hip hop at it's finest. The MC/producer combo, also responsible for the albums "Dark Day", "20th Street Rich" & "Sideweighs", return here with a vengeance, showing raw skill and intense prowess on both sides of the coin. Qwel delivers a stellar performance with the pen and on the mic and the ever-evolving Jackson Jones style is at it's peak on the 11 new tracks comprising "Jump The Gun". Hear Qwel delve into a diverse range of topics throughout the album, everything from the state of art in the 21st Century ("Future Shock"), to the grim reality of life in Chicago ("Red C") and harkening back to his Typical Cats battle-rap days ("The CD Exchange"). This is where hip hop music stands from here on out. The days of the filler and the fluff are over, and everyone will be held accountable.

"Jump The Gun" is a limited exclusive hand-made CD made for sale on tour and at select stores only. CDs are put together by hand in jewel cases with color photocopied covers done on the fly.
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