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On RZA & Joe Budden Beefs + Necro & Ill Bill


Raekwon (of The Wu-Tang Clan) - Interview Part 2 (of 3) (Columbia, MD - 7/12/2009) ... #UGHHxclusive

I aint the type of nigga to be holdin no emotions. Thats for bitches. - ...on RZA

Ima see the best i can do to try to squash it. Because I dont want niggas to pop his head off. He look like hed call police. - ...on Joe Budden

Part 2 of the previously unreleased 2009 interview with Raekwon conducted at Rock The Bells in Maryland, two months before he dropped Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II. In this segment Rae talks about his mom kicking him out of the house when he was a teenager, war of words with RZA, & being dragged into the beef Method Man & Inspectah Deck had with Joe Budden. Van Stylez then asks him about Necro producing Gihad off OB4CL Pt. II & what happened to the Weed vs. Coke mixtape he was working on with Ill Bill.

2:55 - Beef with RZA
3:25 - Beef with Joe Budden
5:20 - Necro & Ill Bill
7:19 - Inspectah Deck live at Rock The Bells dissing Joe Budden