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Interview Pt. 1 (At Rock The Bells 2007 - New York, NY - 7/29/07)


Part 1 of 2: UGHH's Van Stylez meets up with the G-O-D Rakim at Rock The Bells 2007. Rakim talks about his decision to leave Aftermath Records rather than fit into Dr. Dre's violent formula for success, saying "Dre wanted me to bring the guns back out and get real ugly." Stylez inquires about the track "After You Die" originally featuring Rakim, but re-recorded with Busta Rhymes after Rakim left the label. The theme of this interview? Follow the leader. Rakim sets an example by not compromising his morals for money.
  • Apr 12, 2009
  • 05:40
  • Interviews
  • Van Stylez