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Ramsey & Co. - 'Love Call/ Leg Grease' [(Black) 7" Vinyl Single]

Ramsey & Co.

Love Call/ Leg Grease

Black Vinyl

7" Vinyl Single Record

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Mainor Ramsey spent the better part of the late 70s as part of a cast of impressive musical talent enlisted as house performers at Peg Leg Bates' Catskill's New York resort. Here famous and not-so-famous jazz and r+b musicians would 'summer' along with a clientele mostly comprised of NYC's then new-ish black middle class. Original copies of the "Love Call" 45, pressed on Mainor's own private "Ramco" label, were sold mostly at Peg Leg's. Perhaps this partially accounts for it's enormous rarity, as most copies were quickly dismissed (and probably tossed) as mere souvenirs of a upstate vacation. The fact that it was pressed on easily-breakable styrene also helped to ensure that very few copies would survive to see the new millenium. Lotus Land Records will help ease this amazing piece of dance floor soul jazz into the pantheon of classic black music in fall of 2006 with its very first true VINYL release in the form of a collectable, great sounding 45 RPM single. This 3rd release for Milwaukee-based Lotus Land helps to solidify not just a name in the soul re-issue trade, but a SOUND too often overlooked these days. The more sophisticated soul and funk sounds of the later 70s and early 80s, sometimes referred to as 'Modern Soul', 'Boogie', or 'Black Disco'. We simply see it as great BLACK music! Enjoy.
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