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Raphael Saadiq - 'The Way I See It' [CD]
Raphael Saadiq - 'The Way I See It' [CD]
Raphael Saadiq - 'The Way I See It' [CD]
Raphael Saadiq - 'The Way I See It' [CD]

Raphael Saadiq

The Way I See It


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Former Tony! Toni! Tone! member Raphael Saadiq proved he could push his sound in new and intriguing ways on solo albums like INSTANT VINTAGE, mixing in soul, gospel, and contemporary flourishes. Saadiq plants his foot more firmly in the past on 2008's THE WAY I SEE IT, offering up a set that recalls the classic sound of Motown and other Northern soul from the 1960s. Melody and groove are paramount on these songs, making each a little soul-pop nugget complete with old-school arrangements (it sounds as though Motown's the Funk Brothers are backing Saadiq throughout). In addition to excellent material, the singer welcomes Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z, Joss Stone, and the Rebirth Brass Band as guests.

His third album has the kind of smooth musical flow associated with great records made by pioneering producers at famous R&B hit makers like Motown. First single is "Love That Girl" to be followed by "100 Yard Dash" which harkens to his days with Tony! Toni! Tone!".
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