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<!--2011071248-->RAW - 'God Bless Skateboarding' [(Gray) T-Shirt]


God Bless Skateboarding



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In the spring of 2006, the concept for "God Bless Skateboarding" was first laid out in Somerville, Massachusetts. After narrowing a large group of ideas down, the black and white God Bless Skateboarding t-shirts that ended up being printed were two of the pieces in RAW's first collection. Five years later, the original message behind the graphic still rings true. In the United States, people often say "God Bless America" as a show of respect for their nation. When the word skateboarding takes the place of America, we become a nation of our own, and skateboarding becomes more of a way of living than a hobby. God Bless Skateboarding.

-100% Cotton.