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<!--020140418063313-->RAW - 'Party Time' [(Multi-Color) Five Panel Camper Hat]


Party Time


Five Panel Camper Hat

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Product Details
In 2014, the RAW brand will be making moves to return to its roots at the bartops and skate spots of 2006. Rather than inundate our Supporters with an overwhelming product selection, our goal is to present scaled down and cohesive collections that will make perfect sense in any shop in the world. This has been accomplished by keeping the same exact categories in our offerings and narrowing down the graphics and colorways to what we feel will be the most successful for our Supporters. Availability will be extremely limited in numbers.

To begin 2014, we have chosen to celebrate this formula by bringing back a theme that we did not have the volume or resources to portray as thoroughly as we would have liked in 2007. The image used throughout this collection is that of the Boston Tea Party, which happened just a few short blocks from where all of our original meetings did eight years ago. The event is, to this day, one of the most important happenings in American history, as it sparked the colonists of New England to make important changes. That being said, it's party time.

-The Party Time Camper Cap – 100% Custom Printed Cotton Canvas
- Top Quality Embossed Leather Patch On Front – High Density Woven Damask Label In Strap Seam
- One Size Fits Most