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<!--2011112243-->RAW x Charlie Crowell - 'David And Goliath' [(White) T-Shirt]

RAW x Charlie Crowell

David And Goliath



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Small enough to go unnoticed. Big enough to have an impact.

Charlie Crowell"s work is done primarily by hand. In the case of his releases for November 2011, the artwork will be printed as is. His representation of the modern day "David and Goliath" scene was done in pencil and his juxtaposition of the throne and electric chair from the "A Man Gets What He Deserves" pieces were done with pen. On top of this collection, Charlie will also be a part of two special projects that we will be releasing in 2011.

-100% Cotton.
-Top Quality Screenprinting on Front and in Neckline.
-High Density Woven Damask Label on Front Sleeve