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<!--2011061437-->RAW x Cormega - 'The Realness Album Cover' [(Black) T-Shirt]

RAW x Cormega

The Realness Album Cover



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"A man is condemned or exalted by his words". These words were the first ones spit on "The Realness" by Cormega in 2001. Ten years later, they should make a lot more sense to his listeners. Cormega's career, since the release of his first studio album, has been based primarily on his words. Granted, the tracks he's rhymed on are great, but his lyrics are primarily what has gained him the respect he has today. None of his fame is based on gimmicks and bullshit, but rather, real life street credit and the authority to tell the stories he continues to tell. Because of his lack of large scale commercial promotion, Cormega's words have been set up to be more respected by those who have found his music over the past decade plus. He's far enough above ground for the right people to be exposed to his talent, but far enough underground to avoid ever being labeled a sellout. RAW is grateful for the opportunity to work with Cormega to celebrate the tenth anniversary of "The Realness" through the release of this collection of products based on the album's original artwork. The collection will be available for Cormega's fans in the Spring of 2011.