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<!--020100831023085-->RAW x Grandison Taber - 'Grandison Taber Logo' [(Blue) Skateboard Deck]

RAW x Grandison Taber

Grandison Taber Logo


Skateboard Deck

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Product Details
- Seven Ply Maple Construction
- Ebony Stained Top Veneer
- Manufactured in the United States

Grandison Taber is a skateboarder and graphic designer who is based in Providence, Rhode Island. This being the very first representation of the word RAW on a series of products outside of our original logo, we could not think of a better artist to depict it. Grandison's artwork, in this case, portrays to us that building a brand is an endless trip through the labryinth. The many twists and turns that a company takes based upon the decisions it makes are sometimes great and other times terrible. However, the never ending results we see are a big picture made up of small details.