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<!--2014111447-->RAW x Jonah Miller - 'From Scratch' [(Black) Hooded Sweatshirt]

RAW x Jonah Miller

From Scratch


Hooded Sweatshirt

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Product Details
- 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester
- Top Quality Silkscreening for Front Graphic
- High Density Woven Damask Label in Neckline

In 2014, the RAW brand has made moves to return to its roots at the bartops and skate spots of 2006. Rather than inundate our Supporters with an overwhelming product selection, our goal is to present scaled down and cohesive collections. In keeping with the theme for this year, a portion of our last delivery of 2014 is appropriately titled "From Scratch". It is the work of Jonah Miller, who has produced several successful projects for RAW. Jonah gave the term a visual representation using the tiger, an animal known for its tenacity and a perfect mascot for the following statement. We started this brand from scratch, and every move that we make in the future is going to be a strong reflection of those beginnings.