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Red Cafe & DJ Envy

Interview Pt. 1 (Outside The Retail Store - 10/6/07)


Part 1 of 3: Now we don't normally try to do 3 part interviews unless we think that there is enough interesting shit to fill 3 parts, well, with Red Caf and DJ Envy there most definitely was. Van$tylez caught up with Caf and Envy on their promotional tour and they swung thru the retail store to check the place out and get interviewed. In part one, we got girls, homeless dudes, and a nice introduction to Envy and Red. Don't get it twisted Caf isn't one of those dime a dozen street MCs, he's a lyricist who knows the foundation of this hip hop shit. He big ups Eric B & Rakim, Gang Starr, and Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince. He knows the real shit, and that is why is he is one of the most in-demand ghostwriters in the game.
  • Feb 24, 2008
  • 05:08
  • Interviews
  • Van Stylez