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Regal - 'Time Past' [CD]


Time Past



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  • Feb 16, 2010
  • Hip Hop & Rap
  • 882119015720
  • UNIQ157CD
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  • Unique Records
From 'Loop Dreams' to 'Time Past' ..."Time Past" - the 2nd album and follow-up to Regal's anticipated solo debut entitled "Loop Dreams" - celebrates the decksmith's return to central europe after a long stint down under. And Regal's back for good. People, don't forget this guy is jamming ever since end of the 80s as a stunning dj, producer, labelowner and creative patchworker.

"They (Loop Dreams & Time Past) provide the soundtrack for the final months of my long and happy life in australia", Paul says. And reflects back in time when regal was co-founder and part of one of the UK's most influential groups of the roaring 90s - Wall Of Sound's The Wiseguys!"

Check out what fellow producer's say about his most recent work: DJ ANDY SMITH: "At last! A breaks and beats album you can listen to from start to finish without hitting the stop button once!" DJ FOOD: "I love it to bits! The best thing I've heard of it's type for ages!" and IDJ Magazine calls it: "Coming at ya like the Avalanches jamming with Nightmares on Wax!"

First to up, bustle & out is an exciting 12inch for everybody diggin deep into funk, breaks and dub with 4 remixes hailing from JD73 (Wax On / Rope A Dope Digital), Jah Works, Edseven & GPA. 2010 will see Regal aka Paul Eve releasing an album he produced and wrote for australian singer Lizzie Rendall and a spectacular reformation one of our most favorite B-Boys teams The Bronx Dogs featuring Regal and Richard Sen. They are working on a classic tune to be remixed: Paul Hardcastle's "19" of pure 80s fame . Amongst of the first releases of the Bronx Dogs will be "This Is DJs Choice" on unique records - so stay alert for them cuts to cheer you up big time!

"Both 'Loop Dreams' & 'Time Past' equally showcase my b-boy roots in conjunction with my love and dedication towards jazz-fusion, generally speaking it combines the excitement about instrumental sampling and exercises the love of loops. I produce the music that I was never able to provide whilst tied in the wiseguys outfit. Possibly it won't ever happen again!"
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