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Ricci Rucker - 'Fuga' [CD]

Ricci Rucker



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Welcome to Fuga, the debut album from sensational turntablist Ricci Rucker. Fuga is first and foremost a jazz album, which features the turntable as the focus instrument, using 20 musicians to lay down the music. It helps to think of Fuga as a 50-minute long song, one that takes the listener on an astonishing musical journey through the head of Ricci Rucker. From tribal African music to a jazz standard from the year 4004, Fuga holds the listener captive amongst its many aural pleasures. Boldly going where turntablism has never gone before, Fuga is a true original. One listen will surely confirm that Ricci Rucker is miles ahead of the typical scratch DJ.

"The process I decided to use was a combination of live playing, programming, and scratching. The way I originally composed the music was from sampling bits and pieces from random records and making the skeleton to the whole album. I then took my compositions to the live musicians to play the main chords and melodies of my pre-recorded songs, and had them improvise even more. Percussion and drums were added live, then arranged. This left me with an interpretation of my original song, and a lot more material to play with. After I had all of the sounds recorded (using vintage recording equipment, thanks Jim), I pressed all of the sounds back to vinyl so they could be scratched, programmed, and arranged from the vinyl, hence the vinyl sound throughout the album. Fuga was the result. A hybrid jazz composition where I blur the lines between live, programmed, and scratch music. All playing styles coming together as one."
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