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Richard Lloyd - 'Field of Fire (Deluxe)' [CD [2CD]]

Richard Lloyd

Field of Fire (Deluxe)


CD [2CD]

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Richard Lloyd is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter, best known as a founding member of the rock band Television. After Television first disbanded in 1978, Lloyd released one album for Elektra Records called Alchemy. During his solo career, as a guitarist and session musician he has worked with various artists in the music industry, including Matthew Sweet, John Doe (of X), and Stephan Eicher. He acted as producer and recording engineer as well as a member of the band Rocket From The Tombs, entitled Rocket Redux, which was released on Smog Veil Records. He has now released six solo albums. Alchemy (1979), Field of Fire (1986), The Cover Doesn't Matter (2001), The Radiant Monkey (2007), The Jamie Neverts Story (2009) and Rosedale (2016).

Two titles are now being reissued on Lloyd's own Sufimonkey Records, the rereleased version of "Field of Fire (Deluxe)" which originally came out in 2007 with an additional disc of music and the Jimi Hendrix covers album "The Jamie Neverts Story". This joins the previously re-issued The Radiant Monkey and The Cover Doesn't Matter in late 2017.

In addition, Richard has published his first memoir entitled "Everything Is Combustible" (Beech Hill Publishing) which was released in conjunction with his 66th birthday in October 2017.
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