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Rickolus - 'Youngster' [CD]
Rickolus - 'Youngster' [CD]
Rickolus - 'Youngster' [CD]
Rickolus - 'Youngster' [CD]




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Rickolus is Richard Colado, a Jacksonville, Fla. based multi-instrumentalist. Touching base with his earliest childhood memories, Rickolus' debut album, Youngster, is sure to elicit a youthful inclination. With playful melodies, blitheful lyrics and an airy personality, this record plays homage to Colado's youth gone by. Not interested in making a generalized album about youth, Youngster is a much more personal and revealing foray, realizing that link to times past through nostalgia.

Colado created and mixed the record at the Green Shed Studio in Jacksonville, Fla. His own master hand, and no other, begat all; mixing, writing and playing such instruments as the piano, guitar, accordian, bell kit, drums and synthesizers. The result is a lovely record that makes you feel you could really crawl into, like a couch-cushion-fort we all made at one point as kids. The use of unique instruments like a Thai flute and toy piano lend that playful variety that makes Youngster stand apart. Colado also drew all of the album artwork, which is a collection of mirroriing images with the reoccuring themes on the album.

From the tracks "Kid" to "My Old Face, Rickolus maps out his personal journey growing up- experiences of kissing girls, running in the woods, and feeling like a wild animal, to finally, moving on. The sparse but warm productin and beautiful reverbs sonically recall early David Bowie, while Colado's pop sensibilities share an affinity with his contemporary, friend and collaborator Ben Cooper of Radical Face/ Electric President. Rickolus avows himself as a creator of this tangible, personal brand of nostalgia through Youngster.
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