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Ricky Powell

Interview Pt. 3 (In The Village - Manhattan, NY - 3/14/09)


Part 3 of 4: "I hate rich, prissy, f*cking spoiled, f*cking self-entitled, b*tch ass b*tches. I hate them." Ricky Powell.

While Ice T's "Law & Order" stint may have ruined his reputation as the "O.G.," Powell proves that time has only hardened his status as the Original Hipster. A long-time fixture in NYC's trendy West Village, Ricky reveals his disgust for the recent "infestation of f*cking cornballs" whom he sees as having infiltrated his neighborhood. Hell-bent on drawing the line between good fashion and new-jack posers, Ricky calls out "fancy boys" & "prissy b*tches" awarding the latter "the d*ck in the mouth award."
  • Aug 11, 2010
  • 05:49
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