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Rite Hook - ' A.ssume D.amage' [CD]
Rite Hook - ' A.ssume D.amage' [CD]
Rite Hook - ' A.ssume D.amage' [CD]
Rite Hook - ' A.ssume D.amage' [CD]

Rite Hook A.ssume D.amage


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Description A.ssume D.amage is the debut album from Rite Hook. The album displays a wide range of vocal dynamics that has never been done in Hip Hop. It's an aggressive sound with a rash feel from a young angry determined mind. But it also displays an abstract approach that defines Rite Hook as a true vocalist and artist. After opening for national acts like Wu-Tang Clan, Cage, Ill Bill, Z-Trip, Rakim, and many more, his debut is sure to create new fans all over the world. The album is directed by Leedz and features collaborations with Copywrite, Slaine of La Coka Nostra, Tame One of the Artifacts, Reef The Lost Cauze, and more. Rite hook continues to grow as an artist by seeking new flow patterns, harmonizing and overlying background vocals, and establishing original lyrics. Every sound you hear on this record is authentic. The time has come for Hip Hop and experimental music to fuse as an indisputable force. This album is the proof.

Born outside of Boston and raised in Worcester County, Rite Hook became subject to the harsh realities of a suburban nightmare at an early age. He immediately fell victim to the traps of a young teenager and struggled with his environment and the people in it. "Where I'm from kids would rather self destruct then follow their dreams. Luckily I had my vision and stuck with it." Hook was born with a gift of an artist from birth. At first his passion was drawing and painting, which slowly developed into the addition of music. Growing up he picked up and dropped hobbies on a weekly basis, from a plethora of sports, skateboarding, BMX biking, break dancing, to playing the guitar. Music and art were the things that stuck with him the whole way through. "I could never just stick to one thing. I was constantly looking for something that I wouldn't get bored with. Music, painting, and drawing kept me busy," says Hook. He started rhyming at the age of 14 and has been nonstop ever since. After high school he enrolled in art school and was expelled immediately after one semester in 2005. "I'm not the college type. All I did was use the schools studios to record and eventually failed all my classes. Music became my next move and I went after it by any means necessary," says Hook.

In 2006, after years of freestyling and countless demos, he decided to make a move towards the music business. He quit his boring day job just so he could attend a Hip Hop show in Boston. There he would meet Hip Hop mogul Leedz, of Leedz Edutainment. Using any means necessary, he forced Leedz to listen to his music. "He was young and full of B.S and blatantly lied to me multiple times for me to take him serious. Luckily I liked his music and looked past everything else. I couldn't get one of his demo cuts out of my head for over week. It sounded like it was mixed in a microwave but the chorus was undeniable," says Leedz. Hook and Leedz then linked up and recorded tons of songs pushing the standard of Hip Hop to a new diverse level.
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