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Rocco Capano - '10 RedRocks' [CD]
Rocco Capano - '10 RedRocks' [CD]
Rocco Capano - '10 RedRocks' [CD]
Rocco Capano - '10 RedRocks' [CD]

Rocco Capano

10 RedRocks


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Rocco Capano fka Rocco Cee is the truest definition of a "Best Kept Secret" a Lynn Mass native to the bone who has been involved in the local Hip-Hop scene since the 1980's. An undeniable boom bap style beatsmith, a truly unique lyricisict, DJ, painter, graphic artist, photographer & while remaining largely under the radar & some may not know much about him beyond his immediate circle or former group mates that he either came up with or taught directly when he saw potential or drive in them. He even helped to cultivate the talents of many [now] more known artists than him, from the Lynn & Boston area (However, if you mention Rocco Cee to them & you'll hear nothing but the highest respect & admiration from them).

The very first incarnation of Brickyard began in the early 90's & originally consisted of Rocco, Insight, SonDu, Dagha, Shuman. By the mid 90's Insight , SonDu & Dagha had now come into their own & had now had what it took to pursue their own endeavors back in Boston - these 3 became the core of a super group spearheaded by Insight (now able to produce, scratch & rap like his predecessor; in fact all 3 share the same skill set I believe). Feircely talented, armed with the right knowledge, drive & equipment - also very polished sounding vs other unsigned artists one can recall around Boston at the time) Knights also consisted of the likes of T-Ruckus, Mr. Lif & an otherwise, ever-rotating cast of aspiring local MCs who came & went. (Leaving one hell of a trail of demo tapes in their wake).

Meanwhile...back in the North Shore:
In 1996 a cassette named "Brickyard - Stir Some Shit" started to circulate around Lynn & Boston & for the few fortunate to get their hands on a copy they'd never forget it til present day. Lyrics , Scratches & Beats crafted on the SP-1200 all by Rocco who verbally manhandled his way around his own gritty creations with a thick Boston accent which only makes his vocals that much more unique. A classic vibe courtesy of Rocco's know how on his SP-elivered by Rocco & his SP1200 & S950 while simultaneously handling DJ cuts with his tech 1200's. Pretty rare & unheard of around that time (unless of course you consider the talents that emerged from Rocco's Brickyard).

That was the mid 90's: those in-tune with Boston area underground Hip-Hop know what's become of many of the original members of the Brickyard crew (probably without knowing about Brickyard, Knights Of The Round Table or Politics Of Experience) but, what about Rocco Capano?

Well he's still in the same exact location that he was over 20 years ago still experimenting with production , scratching & recording himself & a very select few others. Aside from Rocco's 90's tape he quietly pressed up a few limited CDs between 06' & 2012 that were mainly handed out to close friends & fellow artists who visited his eccentric lab adorned by his canvas paintings, album artwork splattered along the walls & ceilings & of course his spray painted gold SP1200. One of those CDs was "10 Red Rocks" a 10 track album in which Rocco brings that golden era flavor into a new world that often forgets its root - so here in limited quantities still factory sealed since 06' (not a reissue).
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