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I Believe


In promotion of the Detroit duos anticipated debut LP, RSXGLD, rapper Ro Spit and producer 14KT deliver the cinematic new video for the projects debut leak, I Believe.
The first half of the visuals, which were directed by Perry Grone, focus on a seemingly distraught Ro who has made his way back home following a robbery alongside KT. As the emcee delivers his rhymes and examines his body, he remembers leaving his RSXGLD partner lying face down in the street.
If it sounds like I Believe has the makings of a mini-crime epic, then youll be even more pleased to see the twist once the colors flicker into the perspective. Ro may not be as upset as he seemed, moving from a downtrodden appearance to delivering crazy-sharp wordplay as he flaunts gold fronts. What this means for the duo may be uncovered in their next clipor you can just kick back and enjoy the track for what it is, a straight-up slapper.