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Rudy Ray Moore - 'Dolemite (Original Soundtrack) (Expanded Edition)' [CD [2CD]]

Rudy Ray Moore

Dolemite (Original Soundtrack) (Expanded Edition)

CD [2CD]

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Who's the baddest mo-fo to blow onto blaxploitation screens? Forget Shaft, Superfly or The Mack. It's Rudy Ray Moore, the "Godfather of Rap". He gave you the gospel of street hustler, pimp, and all-around ghetto superhero Dolemite. Without a doubt one of the best known and most enduring of all blaxploitation films and scores, Dolemite's legendary story and music helped define a film genre and the sound of an entire decade.

Dolemite's long sought-after soundtrack is available now as a official reissue and comes with 28(!) bonus tracks made from the original multi track master tapes. One of the undisputed blaxploition classics, the original motion-picture score is a wicked blend of uptempo funk instrumentals, soul ballads, loud 'n' proud themes and Dolemite's crucial statement of intent. This soundtrack's raw genius helped pave the way for countless gritty, street-level funk soundtracks to follow. The pedigree that the oft-duplicated sound spawned is undeniable and the music here is hot enough to melt your stereo. Dolemite is sure to appeal to admirers of pimps, players and private eyes.
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