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Rudy Ray Moore - 'Eat Out More Often' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Rudy Ray Moore

Eat Out More Often

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record

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Rudy Ray Moore, the world's first comedian to take a bold approach at comedy using the many expressions of the ghetto in great monologues, thus making these expressions a form of art (with all due respect to Redd Foxx). Mr. Moore is to be commended for his presentation of this first album, with such great monologues as "The Great Titanic", a tale about the great shipwreck during the turn of the century. "Pimpin' Sam", another gem done with vitality and deep expression, which gives you a very good picture of one of the forms of night life around the world today. Even with all the comedians in the world today, everyone should agree that Rudy Ray Moore is still the king. And after listening to "Dolemite", and the dynamics with which this tale is delivered, I'm sure you'll place it among your favorite monologues. Mr. Moore's most famous quotation is "All my jive is original Jack, if you hear it somewhere else, somebody's a copy cat." To all of his fans and listeners, he extends the invitation to "Eat Out More Often". Do your thing Mr. Moore.
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