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Ryan Porter - 'Spangle Lang-Lane' [CD]

Ryan Porter

Spangle Lang-Lane


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"I want to dedicate the Spangle-Lang Lane record to my mother Maggie L. Schaffer, who introduced me to the power of creativity and also to my daughters Anaya and Anya, who are both my answered prayers. The LP is something that I would like to see impact children in a creative way, helping them to see the power of positive change through music." - Ryan Porter

Running in parallel with the powerful wave of transformation that occurred with the advent of recording technology in the 1800s, children's music has been a critically important part of the evolving pace of modern culture. Through the entire body of children's music, few have truly deviated from the normal harmonic and melodic structures of past composers. This is about to change in the fall of 2017 as West Coast Get Down co-founder Ryan Porter will present Spangle-Lang Lane, a collection of music that revamps and puts a facelift on some of the world's most beloved children's songs. Serving as his debut album, Ryan Porter will release Spangle-Lang Lane September 22, 2017. The eight track LP will land with the quickly rising Los Angeles based jazz imprint World Galaxy on LP, CD, and digital formats.
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