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S.A. Smash - 'Smashy Trashy' [CD]

S.A. Smash

Smashy Trashy


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Remember the kid who jacked your bike in 6th grade? Remember the guy who stole your girl at the prom? Remember that motherfucker who always seemed like he was having much more fun than you? Well, that's these guys and shit ain't changed a bit. Smashy Trashy is the sound of two young, thorough hip hop heads from the sticks let loose in the big city of dreams. Camu and Metro (aka "Mr. Fuck-a-lot") have no trouble making noise as they get grimy on bar brawling, heat-holding blackouts like "A.A" and "Clout", run game on third-tir groupies after the show "Robot" and wake up hungover in yesterday's clothes ("Last Night" and "Get Home"). And when teaming up with fellow true-school celebrities, Aesop Rock and Vast, the Smash Brothers lay down some of the wildest b-boy confessions on wax. Aesop kick drops a sly cameo on the horndog manifesto "I Love to Fuck" while Vast flexes a newer, playalicious side on the clubby "Slide On Em". Underneath all the blunts guts, Heineken empties and Trojan wrappers, The Smash brothers have a message in mind. They want to free the music they love.
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