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<!--020051108006077-->Sage Francis - 'Still Sickly Business' [CD]
<!--020051108006077-->Sage Francis - 'Still Sickly Business' [CD]
<!--020051108006077-->Sage Francis - 'Still Sickly Business' [CD]
<!--020051108006077-->Sage Francis - 'Still Sickly Business' [CD]

Sage Francis

Still Sickly Business



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While Sage Francis is widely known for his two official full-length albums, Personal Journals and A Healthy Distrust, over the years he's gained much respect from the underground hip-hop scene for his Still Sick... series of projects on Strange Famous Records, collections of rare tracks, freestyles, and live performances that showcase Sage's underrated lyrical skillz. Still Sickly Business is a crash course in one of hip-hop's most unique voices, a combination of the albums Still Sick... Urine Trouble (2000) and Sickly Business (2004), both of which are now out of print. Any Sage fans who missed these projects should do themselves a favor and buy this immediately. While some hardcore hip-hoppers refuse to give Sage the respect he deserves, writing him off as emo or some other bullshit, the Still Sick series clearly exhibits that Sage keeps it real on the mic and can flip many styles with mad skill and creativity.
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