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Saint - 'The Suffering' [CD]
Saint - 'The Suffering' [CD]
Saint - 'The Suffering' [CD]
Saint - 'The Suffering' [CD]


The Suffering


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With honest and heartfelt vocals and lyrics, Saint puts forth a strong debut effort, The Suffering. A struggling everyman who is striving for the top puts his foot forward as a hip hop Rocky Balboa. Destined to lose, but never giving up until he wins. An amazing hip hop album capable of reaching the traps of the ghetto, the underground hip hop fanatics, and the nightlife-loving club hoppers. The Suffering is a fun, yet gripping, ride for anyone who has spent countless hours wondering how they are going to make it to the next day. The procution is delivered beautifully, providing Saint a soundscape that captures each topic vividly. Saint shines over gritty Fairfield production, Honest HD Production, and Surefire's tailor-made canvases to create an album that is not only a front-to-back listen, but also a listen that is easily repeated by pop & hip hop listeners alike.

The Suffering starts you out on your every day and watches as your day turns on you. Gripping you along the way, and hitting its marks in the process, Saint creates his struggles in an accesible fashion with an honest album. Although dark from time to time, the optimism always shines through even when Saint gets to his most negative. Showing that there is always light at the end of every tunnel. A native of Atlanta and resident of Lowell, Massachusetts, Saint is that very light at the end of a musical tunnel.
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