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Schoolly D - 'Saturday Night! The Album (EXTENDED VERSION)' [CD]

Schoolly D

Saturday Night! The Album (EXTENDED VERSION)


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Schoolly D's sophomore opus is an album based on high production values, biting, honest lyricism and pure originality. Unlike his first self titled EP that included the classics "Gucci Time" and "P.S.K. What Does It Mean?," Saturday Night! The Album's song lengths are generally shorter, making for a harder hitting full-length with greater impact beginning to end. Schoolly School and DJ Code Money came equipped with bigger, better drum machines, rapid fire scratching and discovered the joy of dropping quirky cartoon sound bites atop their patended dusted funk samples. "We Get Ill" and "Dedication to All B-Boys" are hard anthem highlights, while "Parkside 5-2" continue's "P.S.K's" ode to his philly neighborhood, and the title track "Saturday Night" is the kind of sleazy tale of misogyny that put Schoolly (along with acts like NWA and 2 Live Crew) in hot water with many parents, critics and community leaders.

Originally released on Schoolly's own label and distributed by hand (and heavily bootlegged), the tracks from Saturday Night! The Album received wider exposure when it was re-released on LP format via Jive Records in 1987. The album was everything Schoolly D was all about: funk, loose rhymes and attitude. The only problem, it was never given a proper release on compact disc.

That is until now. Traffic Ent. in partnership with Sony Music is proud to announce the re-release of Schoolly D's debut full length Saturday Night! The Album, remastered, extended and on CD format for the first time ever.

This expanded reissue features seven previously unreleased instrumentals and a capellas and is complimented perfectly with a 16 page booklet featuring extensive liner notes written by Schoolly D himself and Brian Colemen (author of Rakim Told Me and Check The Technique) plus extended images and artwork.
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