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Scientist - 'Dub 911' [CD]


Dub 911


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  • Feb 21, 2006
  • Reggae
  • 822720712229
  • NSD122CD
  • 2.8 oz
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  • Nature Sounds
  • Scientist
Scientist started of as a disciple or apprentice of the mighty King Tubby in the early to mid 70's then once given the chance to share some of the engineering duties proved to do quite a formidable job. Things started rolling along for the then young Scientist and he put out some pretty interesting dub albums. Purists criticize his lack of invention on these and say the titles are so offbeat they give the albums a novelty when they didn't push dub in any far out directions. That's pure rubbish Scientist not only put out some of the best dub albums of that time period but also dubbed the hell out of some of the greatest material of that time like classic Wailing Souls stuff for example. And yeah, his titles and covers do rule. Are you kidding with "Scientist Rids the World Of The Evil Curse of The Vampires" cover though? The fact Scientist is shooting riddims at monsters is enough reason to buy an LP Frame. "Dub 911" is a great chance for some of you unknowing heads to get up on some classic sh#t.
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