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Seel Fresh - 'Street Famous' [CD]
Seel Fresh - 'Street Famous' [CD]
Seel Fresh - 'Street Famous' [CD]
Seel Fresh - 'Street Famous' [CD]

Seel Fresh

Street Famous


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Seel Fresh is a certified true school scholar. He originally became known throughout Chicago for being a prominent All-City fixture in the city's competitive graffiti scene. Although his main focus was getting his name up on spots around town, Seel was simultaneously getting attention as a mc catching wreck within Chicago's hip hop community and loft party circuit.

After rocking numerous shows and winning several battles, Seel dropped a series of 4 underground cds and a handful of vinyl records. These releases set the stage for Seel Fresh's first official full length album titled "Trife Life" in 2006 that featured collaborations with Thirstin Howl III, Rack-Lo, Juice, and Rise (of the Demigodz) as well as production by Dug Infinite, The Molemen, and Copperpot.

The follow up to "Trife Life" is the "Street Famous" Lp (scheduled for an October 28, 2008 release date). On this album Seel Fresh elaborates on his involvement in the graffiti world and the independent hip hop industry. The 14-track project is a filler-free effort packed with banging boom bap style production provided by Chicago beatsmith veterans the Molemen, along with new comers Smokey Chuck, Cee the Chef, Omens, and Benzilla that perfectly compliments Seel's cleverly crafted lyrics.

"Street Famous" is a sure shot for any hip hop enthusiast with a passion for high grade, honest lyricism over well executed, quality production. In an era where artists are trying to "recreate" or "revive" hip hop, Seel Fresh effortlessly delivers the culture's true essence by offering timeless material based upon his life experience of paying dues.
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