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Self Scientific - 'Gods & Gangstas' [CD]

Self Scientific

Gods & Gangstas


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Gods & Gangstas is the first release from the Los Angeles record label recently established by Self-Scientific and DJ Muggs. Infinite and Khalil who first met at a basketball camp in southern California, introduced themselves to the world of hip-hop as the Numbskulls with a demo recorded in Ice T's home studio. This demo along with connections stemming from Chace Infinite's cousin "Bigga B," landed the duo a deal with Loud Records in 1995. Their relationship with Loud crumbled almost immediately however, and the two decided to form the record label S.O.L. Music Works, Inc. under which they changed both their name and musical direction. The song "Return" on their 2001 debut album The Self Science, had heads nodding to lyrics calling for a return to the early 90's glory days of hip-hop. A precursor to their upcoming full-length album, Gods & Gangstas includes seven new songs, along with recordings from other Cali affiliates Planet Asia, Phil Da Agony, Kombo, and Krondon to name a few. In addition, the album features guest spots from east coast heavyweights Ghostface Killah and Talib Kweli. Order Gods & Gangstas from today and receive a free Nature Sounds Best of 2001 and Exclusives For 2005 mix CD.
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