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Seven Star - 'Alternate Invention' [CD]

Seven Star

Alternate Invention



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Alternate Invention is the journey of an MC to show progression in every form of humanity. The MC messenger here is Seven Star and the message is another hip hop classic. The spirit and lyrical gems of Seven Star have been felt for the last years on Miami based label Counterflow recordings though various vinyl releases such as "Avatar", "The Philosophy of Letting Go" and "John Doe Lamarkian". Not to mention his debut album "My Mother and Father were Astronauts" which showed Seven's full range of skill and capacity to effortlessly spit conscious words with a flow like a that moves like a river. This long awaited sophomore album entitled "Alternate Invention" drops a harder punch with dope beats from Deviant, Climber, Metrospect and Sharpsound, but still dives into deeper terrain with the production of Manuvers, Astronote and Gordon (Project: Mooncircle). And Seven has brought a few friends along to join him on the microphone such as Soarse Spoken, CYNE, Omniscient who tackle every issue from daily Miami struggle to the liberation of Puerto Rico. Alterante Invention, the never ending flow progression and evolution of Album includes the hit DJ song "Trojan Horse" from the single, Trojan Horse.
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