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Shiest Bubz - 'The I.B.D. (International Bud Dealer)' [CD]
Shiest Bubz - 'The I.B.D. (International Bud Dealer)' [CD]
Shiest Bubz - 'The I.B.D. (International Bud Dealer)' [CD]
Shiest Bubz - 'The I.B.D. (International Bud Dealer)' [CD]

Shiest Bubz

The I.B.D. (International Bud Dealer)


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The longtime Dipset affiliate, CEO of Purple City, connoisseur of piff, and Harlem hero Shiest Bubz is back on the map. Since Purple City's last release in 2007, "Jim Jones Presents: The Purple Album," Shiest has quietly refined his flow, his sound and reconfigured the core members of the Purple City movement. Now he returns with "The International Bud Dealer" (a/k/a "The I.B.D.") which is really Shiest's effort to make himself the most important solo artist in the Purple City movement.

"The music business is funny. When Purple City first came on the scene in 2005, a lot of people brushed them aside as an insignificant Dipset spinoff group and then their debut album sold over 65,000 units worldwide. Now, here we are in 2009... Dipset looks to have dissolved and along with Jim Jones' Byrdgang and Juelz's Skull Gang, Shiest's Purple City movement is as relevant as ever in terms of New York street rap. A lot of people are going to be surprised by the quality of the music on this new album. It also does not hurt that Shiest probably has the most entertaining overall persona in all of New York hip-hop right now... if Cheech and Chong ever wanted to be a rapper, they would definitely want to be Shiest Bubz," Says Chuck Wilson, the CEO of Babygrande Records.
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