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<!--020070717010128-->Shortrock - 'Propaganda, Existence & Music: Turntable Compositions Vol. 1' [(Black) 7" Vinyl Single]


Propaganda, Existence & Music: Turntable Compositions Vol. 1

Black Vinyl

7" Vinyl Single Record


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After lacing K-the-i???'s Broken Love Letter LP earlier this year with an array of impressive cuts, vinyl virtuoso Shortrock steps up swingin' on the solo tip with this collection of complex, multilayered turntable compositions. An extremely technically proficient and creative turntablist, Shortrock's four new tracks focus on the instrumentation of the tables, with mad techniques and abstract sounds effects showcased. Contributing to the rich aesthetic are vocal samples used to add narratives to all the songs, as in the politically charged "8.10.06 (Red Alert)," which features crazy conspiracy theory cuts of George W. Bush's voice, or "40 Bottle Over Ya Head," which attacks fake DJs who don't respect the artistry of turntablism or the value of beatdiggin'. With the current craze of trendy, irreverent party mash-up mixes running rampant, Shortrock flexes hard on "Propaganda..." for the true-school heads who keep vinyl, scratching, and beat juggling alive.
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