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Simiah - 'The Alchemy Files' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Simiah - 'The Alchemy Files' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Simiah - 'The Alchemy Files' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Simiah - 'The Alchemy Files' [(Black) Vinyl LP]


The Alchemy Files

Black Vinyl Import

Vinyl LP Record

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Product Details
Cut & Paste Records are proud to present the first scratch record from renowned UK beatmaker Simiah.

Simiah has an impressive selection of releases under his belt already, and has worked tirelessly for years to create his owp world of deep, soulful instrumental Hip Hop. His style is based around dusty jazz and latin sounds, reinforced by chasmic bass and swung percussion played with effortless skill on the MPC.

"The Alchemy Files" represents Simiah's first (but long-overdue) foray into scratch records. He put together 4 beats on Side A that would stand out on their own as an EP, but left enough space in each of them to allow for some freestyle instrumentation if the moment calls for it.

That's where Side B comes in... raw audio From Simiah's MPC was given to Symatic from Cut & Paste to arrange into skip-proof scratch tools - drums, bass, horns, keys and more, all arranged for ease of use by a DJ to compliment the tracks on the flipside, or to become entirely new compositions of their own.

Also included are some of Cut & Paste's trademark skip-proovf vocal samples, far any DJ wanting to stand out with original style and cuts. They're all arranged at the same BPM as the instrumental samples, at 83.33 BPM. This tempo was chosen as it is a close match to the type OF beats featured an Side A, and works well for regular turntables with +/- 8% pitch. (Many of the other Cut & Paste records are specifically aimed at users of turntables with Ultrapitch of +/- 50%).

Another Feature of the skip-proof side is that the sounds are configured in loops with 5 beats per rotation, like a 5-point star or a pentagon. When scratching over regular 4/4 beats, this can lead to some interesting results as the irregular patterns are manipulated into new sequences.

There are also 2 locked-grooves at the end of Side B, with tones designed to be played with the pitch adjustment on a turntable. Both tones are played in the same key for ease of use when switching between them.

Cover art by Simiah, Mastered by Jimmy Penguin.
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