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Sixo - 'The Odds Of Free Will' [(Black) Vinyl LP]


The Odds Of Free Will

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record

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Scotty Trimble, the former professional motocross racer and indie rap producer better known as Sixo, is back with The Odds of Free Will, his third release on Fake Four Inc. The album was inspired by '60s and '70s psychedelic rock and Sixo's own questioning of the philosophical underpinnings of free will. Speaking on his last release, 2012's Free Floating Rationales, Okayplayer said, "the ideas here are uncharacteristically heavy for a compilation record of this nature, which comes as a refreshing surprise." That trend is continued on The Odds of Free Will, with help from indie rap heavy hitters such as Open Mike Eagle, Milo, Ceschi, Myka 9, Awol One, and Onry Ozzborn. And while each guest brings something different to the table thematically, five eerie, nebulous instrumentals woven in between tie the album together.

In the downtime that comes with frequent motocross injury, Sixo taught himself to make beats, and over the course of the last decade and a half has grown into a singular producer equally capable of outright bangers and melodic headphone introspection. The Odds of Free Will, his third full-length album, channels loss, resilience, and the life of the mind into an engaging and ruminative listen.
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