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SKECH185 & ATD - 'New Age Middle Finger' [CD]
SKECH185 & ATD - 'New Age Middle Finger' [CD]
SKECH185 & ATD - 'New Age Middle Finger' [CD]
SKECH185 & ATD - 'New Age Middle Finger' [CD]


New Age Middle Finger


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SKECH caught the attention of Galapagos4 at the age of 19 and embarked on a four-year stint with the infamous label. He began work on an album with G4's own DJ Whitelightning, an instrumentally gritty and verbally abrasive effort that was terminated due to creative differences. Now in 2011, with a solid battle history including victories at Scribble Jam and the defeat of Rhymefest, a hi-tech approach to songwriting, an increasing buzz coming from his solo efforts with various indie labels (such as Chicago's Fieldwerk Recordings and ReSERVED Records) and packed-to-capacity live shows with Chicago supergroup Tomorrow Kings, SKECH185 is ready to flick a New Age Middle Finger at the world.

Produced almost entirely by dynamic Houston-based producer ATD, SKECH185 boisterously articulates the premise of the New Age Middle Finger, "You're ALL being lied to." In this 13-track excursion into the possible world of SKECH185 and ATD, we are reminded of the fact that many "truths" we take for granted are fabrications spread by the powerful few to subjugate the masses. ATD's breakbeat-oriented and sonically sinister style of production parallels the rough vocal tone and abrasive thoughts that SKECH185 is known and loved/hated for, creating a sense of maniacal-ordered, aesthetic chaos. In a nutshell, New Age Middle Finger is a philosophical reawakening of unbiased honesty as not something we say, but as something we live, a way of life that can serve as a surrogate-salvaging structure to implement in a world rooted in smokescreens.
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