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<!--120090217015732-->Sleeper - 'Behind Every Mask' [CD]
<!--120090217015732-->Sleeper - 'Behind Every Mask' [CD]
<!--120090217015732-->Sleeper - 'Behind Every Mask' [CD]
<!--120090217015732-->Sleeper - 'Behind Every Mask' [CD]


Behind Every Mask




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  • Feb 17, 2009
  • Hip Hop & Rap
  • 663405125725
  • MSH0257CD
  • 2.8 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Mush Records
  • Carlos Ransom
Sleeper's latest instrumental release, Behind Every Mask, is a tour de force of digital intrigue, all thick percussion bombs and mysterious electronic pranks showcasing creativity on full tilt. Bypassing most of the stock studio tools of his trade, he has constructed the album using personally modified electronics, sound generators, and effects units, and even turned a dot matrix printer into a drum machine. A light snare might appear amidst juggernauts of hissing, lo-fi samples while patches of sonic luminance amidst the grainy din to keep you guessing. More meditative than maudlin, Behind Every Mask is simply further proof that Sleeper can weld mood and music with the best.

Sleeper is a auteur of claustrophobic, sample-based hip-hop production. His work, both as an accomplished musician, and as a respected tattoo and visual artist balances a breadth of spirit with worldly, emotional depth. Finding influence and community in the worlds of classic hip-hop and artistic, experimental rock, Sleeper fills his tracks with sound, but when working with an MC, has a gift for leaving the MC just enough room to create or with the luxury of saying more by saying less. His music is lo-fi with purpose: grainy sounds are used to lend atmosphere to larger, modern electronic sound collages, grimy drums sound out familiar hip-hop patterns beneath thick layers of sound. Sleeper is a craftsman in the truest sense of the word.
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