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Society Of Invisibles - 'Society Of Invisibles' [CD]

Society Of Invisibles

Society Of Invisibles


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A regionally notorious group collective/movement hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, the Society of the Invisibles consist of the cream of the Southwest crop of emcees and producers: Facecrushers, Inc., Darkwater, solo acts Terminator Tragic, Sneaky Pete, Rok, and the in-house production team The Dead Beats. Specifically formed to reflect the best of the Southwest's regional independent talent, The Society of the Invisibles have toured extensively with Jedi Mind Tricks, Non-Phixion, Wu-Tang Clan amongst others. Stylistically comparable to the indie hip-hop "horrorcore" elite such as Jedi Mind Tricks, Necro, Ill Bill, Non-Phixion and more, The Society of Invisibles are the foremost pioneering talent of an upcoming generation of independent hip-hop.
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