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<!--020120925048464-->Sofa Surfers - 'Superluminal' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Sofa Surfers


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Singer Mani Obeya's words in the title track lay out the pace for Sofa Surfers' 6th album: Confusion is all around our lives. The sheer amount of data and the lack of filters in a poly centered, globalized world makes us feel overwhelmed and disorientated.

The tools of society to sustain humanity - namely empathy, solidarity, democracy - need to catch up with these technological, economic and political transformations. Our lives have to be newly organized within these new parameters. But how can musicians and artists react on these fast changes around us?
The ever searching sound collective opened up once again to find an additional mind and voice in Jonny Sass, a young Vienna based vocalist with US-American roots, who puts his extra flavours over a view songs of the album and adds some extra colour in blending together with singer/dancer Mani Obeya to create distinct harmonies and the most song crafted efforts Sofa Surfers have produced so far. The lyrics/vocals add meaning to beauty, poetry to melodies, content to sound and so the Sofa Surfers songs on SUPERLUMINAL became both outspoken and poetic comments to our fast changing times. A glimpse of light shines even through the darkest moments of this melancholic brooding, sometimes even psychedelic album. As if the band members decided to withstand the pressure of our present time in search for beauty in dark places SUPERLUMINAL became a kaleidoscope of the band's extensive sound endeavours.

The core group consisting of Wolfgang Frisch, Markus Kienzl, Michael Holzgruber and Wolfgang Schlögl started as a freestyle groove collective, they also slipped into the theatre and film scoring world. Every member developed special skills and interests that would eventually flow back into the group's style melting pot. It was always very hard to pin down the Sofa Surfers sound either as a dubby and dark down tempo live act in the nineties or as an alternative hip-hop/multi media collective in the early Zeros. After years of expanding their musical boundaries, Sofa Surfers found new ground with Mani Obeya, Nigerian born and raised in the UK, he helped the collective to transform into a full blast post rock band and at the same time Obeya as a professionally trained dancer transcended the band into a vibrant groove dub rock monster on stage *

In spring 2011 after extensive touring and performing Sofa Surfers gathered to write songs away from their homes in a small daylight studio in the Austrian city of Linz. In that positive atmosphere the group crafted 10 layouts in ten days, which later led to the biggest part of the album. After another song writing round, Sofa Surfers started to refine arrangements and sound ideas in various living rooms in Vienna. So the band avoided the typical studio break downs and kept up the energy. At a certain point, though the band took 3 days in recording the drums at Glutamat Studios in Vienna. After that the band returned to finish the songs in the bands' home studios. In contrary to their earlier work they felt the time was right to take all their previous production experiences into account to develop a summary of their previous work methods. As a result the songs cover a wide range from electronically grounded dub rock to experimental soul music - with a slightly psychedelic indie band feeling.
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