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Solomon Childs - 'Don't Ask Permission, Ask For Forgiveness' [CD]

Solomon Childs

Don't Ask Permission, Ask For Forgiveness


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On December 10th, 2016 Wu-Tang affiliated artist Solomon Childs was almost killed. For petty reasons, while sneaker shopping in Staten Island, NYC, he was shot in the neck and then the back. After a slow and painful recovery, with one of the bullets still lodged in his back, he has now, at long last, prepared his first full length album entitled "Don't Ask Permission, Ask For Forgiveness". This album is special.

Solomon has sharpened his sword like never before. A reunion with Cappadonna entitled "Dead or Alive" is not the only big thing on this project. His controversial yet inspirationally moving "All Lives Matter" is destined to be a classic hit. Outside of these two really big songs, this project has everything Wu-Tang fans have wanted to hear, and then some. You get that Kills Bamz Kung-Fu sound, straight from the grain. You get the soulful classic emotion that Solomon thrives on, like he did on "Mama Can You Hear Me". Solomon Childs is back with a vengeance, and instead of a bunch of featured guests, on this adventure he opts for more introspection and limits his guest artists to Cappadonna (Wu-Tang), Hell Razah (Wu-Tang), Ksheen, and Jus-P (Shadow Clan). Fans who have been awaiting a masterful Solomon Childs album, your patience has been rewarded.
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