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<!--020051018005503-->Sound Directions - 'The Funky Side Of Life' [CD]

Sound Directions

The Funky Side Of Life



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Madlib's first Yesterdays New Quintet spinoff.

Let's just start off by saying it's pretty much at the point where everything Madlib touches turns into something dope. It's kind of the polar opposite of how Larry David and "The Blonde" doom everything they touch if you look at it through the magnifying glass. Anyway Madlib loves to showcase his rather diverse musical background and literally singlehandedly forms his own quintet, in Yesterday's New Quintet. The only knock from people on that one, mainly purists, was that at times the instrumentation was a bit sub-par on some of YNQ's releases. Madlib obviously looking to silence his doubters enlisted some world class musicians on this one and decided to handle the production and arrangement on this one. The results pretty much rule this time around, with some vicious solos scattered throughout. Not your standard hip-hop fare, but a must cop regardless.
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