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Sound Providers - 'An Evening With The Sound Providers' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]

Sound Providers

An Evening With The Sound Providers

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record [2LP]

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In the summer of 1998 the Sound Providers settled in for recording sessions in a small San Diego apartment. Those hot summer days would produce the first Quarternote Records release, a 12" entitled "Dope Transmission" B/W "The Field". Weeks later the Sound Providers signed a distribution agreement with ABB Records and began work on three more singles, which were released over the last couple of years. Now this production duo from Southern California prepare to drop their first full-length release entitled, An Evening With The Sound Providers on February 24th 2004.
With the original emcee gone in search of a solo career, the slimed down two-man group decided to keep going and hit the lab. They did not emerge until recently, with a much anticipated debut album which features production by the duo, plus lyrics from some of the group's favorite artists including Little Brother (ABB Records), Asheru (7 Heads), and Maspyke to name a few. "All of the artists featured on the album we are big fans of," says Jason Skills proudly. "We're real happy with the people who've gotten down with us on the record. We're real blessed."
Hailing from San Diego, CA Jayson Skills and Soulo grew amidst the budding hip-hop scene that had made its way to the West Coast in the early 80's. It wasn't until fifteen years later that these two b-boys/ DJs, would be brought together by a mutual love and respect for hip-hop. "I was hired to engineer a record for Soulo back in '97 and we clicked. The rest is history."
The Sound Providers have arrived at the other side of this recent change a sleeker, stronger production team who has used change as a catalyst for launching themselves into a positive position, which comes across in the cohesion of their album.
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