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South Rakkas Crew - 'Mix Up' [CD]

South Rakkas Crew

Mix Up


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Dow Jones and Alex G, better known as South Rakkas Crew, have garnished attention as one of today's hottest Dancehall music production teams. They have had success with more than 7 independent and major label releases including the Red Alert and Clappas Riddims and have worked with some of Dancehall music's best artists including Beenie Man, Mr. Vegas, Lady Saw, and Elephant Man. And their success expands beyond the realm of their Dancehall sound, having earned high accolades in the remix world having mixed, remixed, and edited for an eclectic group of musicians such as Duran Duran, DJ Shadow, Lily Allen, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and so many more. Growing up in Toronto and now hailing from Orlando Florida, the duo have become known as some of the most innovative producers, bringing a fresh new sound which they have concocted by chopping up sounds, rearranging melodies, and ultimately creating entirely new songs from the original. Endorsed and co-signed by the world renowned tastemaker DJ Diplo, "Mix Up" is the first release from the South Rakkas Crew on Diplo's Mad Decent label and premiers an exclusive collection of remixes and edits to an unsuspecting public with each track offering up one delightful surprise to the next. "Mad Again" is a traditional Dancehall sound splashed with 80s house flavor while "Hotter Than Them" is infused with classic Hip Hop breaks and samples. From classic Dancehall, Soca, and Hip Hop sounds, each song features a clever spin on the original with a unique sound on each song from beginning to end. While this is their first compilation of original mixes and edits, it will not certainly be the last and with touring and more time in the studio on the horizon for Dow Jones and Alex G, South Rakkas Crew will continue to build on their remarkable musical resumes and will continue to be in demand as producers and remixing magicians.
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